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Dear ASA Members,

Becoming a member of The Atlanta Symphony Associates with the Encore Unit added great value to my life. The interaction with others who love culture and music encouraged my husband and myself to make new friendships within a unique organization. We found ourselves attending monthly Chamber Concerts with an evening of dinner, social interaction, followed by musical entertainment and education. It offered us interaction with our fabulous ASO musicians and a chance to get to know them personally and learn about their education, career, and the history of their personal instruments. It is easy to fall in love with our fabulous musicians when you have such close interaction and get to know them personally.

Having these great experiences monthly lifts one’s Spirit and solidifies the importance of keeping music at the forefront of our lives and our educational system. Both sides of the brain need to be developed and stimulated on a regular basis, whether one is young or old. It also magnifies the importance of our ASA volunteer work and participation with the Concerts for Young People and the Instrument “petting zoos”, where both students and adults are invited to touch and play an instrument from the orchestra. The main thrust of our volunteer efforts will be supporting these educational events during this new ASO Season.

When the Decorator’s Showhouse was “retired” by the ASA several years ago, thanks to Belinda Massafra, a Past President of the ASA, the idea was created to start having an Annual Gala once again that would promote fundraising for the ASO, making that our “Signature” annual event. The first one was held over three years ago and raised over $300,000 in revenue. Last year’s Gala did even better and this year we are ahead of the projected goal, already surpassing the previous two years with a final estimate of net proceeds at $500,000.

The important part about the Gala/Ball to us are the allocation of the funds. Did you know the profits are allocated to Education? Did you know they fund the Concerts for Young People where we spend so much time volunteering? That is extremely exciting information and syncs with our ASA goals.

The 2018 Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Gala is presented in partnership with the Atlanta Symphony Associates (ASA). The ASA is nationally recognized as one of the nation's leading orchestral volunteer organizations and has raised more than $6 million in support for the Orchestra’s education and community engagement initiatives. It also set up and created a Chair in the orchestra, currently held by Julianne Lee.

The excitement is already building as we enter the Fall of 2018 and prepare for the Celebration and activities that will start next year, the 75th year of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and 70th year for the ASA as its support arm. This is the right time to be a member of such an elite group of incredible volunteers. You are a part of history by being a member of the ASA at this wonderful time. Our ASO is flourishing, our Musicians are happy and the tone and tempo couldn’t be better!

Our ASA volunteers have been a part of the support for the Orchestra for over sixty-nine years. It has been an exciting, sometimes bumpy road, but excellence in leadership has won, and you are a part of it. We appreciate and thank Jennifer Barlament, Executive Director, for agreeing to lead our ASO, and Howard Palefsky, Board Chair of the ASO for reaching out to the ASA and encouraging our efforts.

You will notice a number of changes in this year’s directory: In the front section there is a Master Calendar so you can see what happens in chronological order for the entire year. There is also a recognition page for Julianne Lee, Principal Second Violin, Atlanta Symphony Associates Chair, who played for us at the first ASA gathering of the new Season, our Fabulous Fall Brunch.

In honor of YOU and your volunteer work with the ASA in the past and the future we are naming this “The Year of the ASA Volunteer.” Hold on tight because the best is yet to come, and you are going to be a part of our exhilarating year! Thank you for all that you do and that you are going to do in our exciting new ASA year!

I challenge each of you to reach out to someone you know and care about and invite them to participate in an ASA event. What has the ASA given back to you? What could it offer to others? The invitation is in your hands.

With Music & Love in my Heart for all of you,

Joan Abernathy, President
Atlanta Symphony Associates

Joan Abernathy, President of the Atlanta Symphony Associates
Joan Abernathy, President

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