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Atlanta Symphony Associates

Nationally recognized as one of the nation's leading orchestral volunteer organizations, the Atlanta Symphony Associates (ASA) has raised more than $6 million in support of the orchestra's education and community engagement initiatives.

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Joan Abernathy, President of the Atlanta Symphony Associates
Joan Abernathy, President

From The President
We begin our 70th anniversary season with great anticipation and excitement. Our 70th year of volunteering coincides with the ASO's 75th year so we all have a reason to celebrate throughout this entire season.

The ASA has made amazing contributions during the last 70 years. Our members organized and facilitated many successful Show Houses, established a Musician's Chair in the ASO, re-decorated the Female Musicians' Lounge, and purchased new chairs for the Ushers. They currently usher for the Children's Concerts and other events, bring in food for the musicians between their concerts, and volunteer and conduct the Instrument Petting Zoos, even dressing up for Halloween to match the theme. They prepare thousands of Patrons' ticket mailings, organize gift bags for the new Patrons and Gala attendees, assist the judges of the ASYO try-outs when called on...and the list goes on and on and on.

I cannot imagine the ASO without the ASA being there, quietly, behind the scenes, always ready and willing when they are needed. They do not seek glory. A simple "thank you" will suffice. They promote music education and the arts, encouraging our youth to strive for excellence, knowing how music helps to develop the mind and contribute to excellence in all areas of study.

This past year was filled with so many activities that it seemed to fly by faster than usual. This coming Season will go by just as quickly.

You will notice this edition of your directory has a lot of photos from this past Season. You might refer to it as your "yearbook" of this past year. Because of its loose-leaf design you will be able to incorporate it into your notebook, or book ring from last Season.

We are going to try to send out many of the announcements and information through the gmail account in a format that will be the same size as your directory pages so you can clip them and add them to your notebook. You loved the Master Calendar concept being sent out monthly as your monthly Take Note so we will continue that trend.

It has been an honor to be your representative for the ASA at the ASO events and meetings. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at our events and programs this year as we celebrate our 70 years of service together.

Stay safe and healthy!

With music and love in my heart for all of you,

Joan Abernathy, President
Atlanta Symphony Associates

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