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Andreas Landin


Andreas Landin


Baritone Andreas Landin trained at Opera Studio 67 in Stockholm and the Opera College in Copenhagen.

He has had roles in some 20 newly written operas such as the Shadow in Hans Gefors Shadow Play, Pallas Athena in Reine Jönssons Strandstrand's swell and the title role in Daniel Börtz Magnus Gabriel at Läckö Castle Opera. He has, among other things, sung Papageno in the Troll Flute, Marcello in La Bohème, The one-eyed in the Woman without shadow and made the title role in Macbeth's concert at the Concert Hall in Gothenburg.

Most recently he participated in The Royal Theater's experimental performance The Horizon and as the young Solomon in Pelle Gudmundsen Holmgren's opera Sol goes up, the sun goes down. Andreas has done several roles at the Opera Workshop, among others in the City Musicians, the Gift and Death say no. In Rigoletto, he sings the Count of Monterone.