Seating Charts

Atlanta Symphony Hall Seating Chart A

For Classical Concerts

Not sure which seats are right for you? The following descriptions provide a general idea of you will experience the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in the various areas of Symphony Hall.

Section 1: This section gets you up close to the violins with great views of the string section, and piano and violin soloists. These are the premium seats in the first level.

Section 2: Very popular main floor seating along the right side aisle that gets you up close to the bass and cello sections and provides a great view of the violins.

Section 3: If proximity is important then you will love getting as close as you can to the stage without actually being on it.

Section 4: This is a little further back than section 1, but provides a similar view to the stage.

Section 5: The best combination of acoustics, sightlines and price on the main floor. If you are new to live classical music, then this is a great section from which to enjoy the ASO experience.

Section 6: Stretches from left side of the hall to the right and gives you a great perspective of the entire stage.

Section 7:
Gives you the chance to feel the energy of main floor seating but allows you to stay within your budget.

Section 8:
The most exclusive seating in the hall. Sitting here will allow you to enjoy your Grammy winning orchestra from a perspective that very few get to experience. If you are able to get seats in this section you'll enjoy the only unobstructed panoramic view of the stage and the main floor in the hall.

Section 9:
Located immediately behind the section 8, this section is one of the most exclusive and intimate areas in the entire hall.

Section 10:
Sitting just behind section 9 will give you the chance to "feel" the full force of a world renowned Orchestra.

Section 11:
If you want to see what's happening on stage and feel the evening's performance from above the main floor - but want to stay within a budget - Section 11 is for you.

Section 12:
This is the ideal seat for someone who wants a bird's eye view of the entire Symphony Hall experience.

Clasical Seating Chart