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Atlanta Falcons Offensive Guard Justin Blalock Supports “When I Play Music” Campaign For Music Education

Dear Friends,

While growing up in Texas as a scholar athlete and musician, I discovered firsthand that playing both football and tuba helped me thrive in all areas of life. It’s a fact — when kids play music, they achieve higher test scores, are more likely to become community leaders, have more confidence, and experience a sense of achievement. That’s why I’m asking you to give just $5 to support music education through the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s “When I Play Music” campaign. Imagine the impact of music on kids if they could just learn to play.

It can be tough on the field, and I worked hard to get there. It’s even harder to achieve dreams if you’re growing up without the tools to succeed. That’s why I launched my Justin Blalock Foundation to support kids in need. Now, through my new partnership with the Atlanta Symphony, I can help even more kids by speaking out about the importance of music education and its impact on the youth of our city.

Your $5 will help provide an hour of music lessons for one child, so please join me and give $5 today to support your Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and its education programs. Together, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of Atlanta’s kids.

With all best regards,

Justin Blalock
Atlanta Falcons, #63