Field Trips - Concerts for Young People

Educational concerts for young students are regularly acclaimed by educators for their ability to inspire students and motivate learning. All concerts are aligned with state and national standards and supported through an array of online resources. Click on the titles below to learn more about each program and to preview teacher resources.

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Grades PreK-2: Symphony Street

Sounds of the Symphony

March 25-27 & May 6-8, Performances at 10am & 11:15am
February 8, Educator Preview
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Join the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for a lively musical experience and discover the wonders of the orchestra! The Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, and String families will each share their unique sounds. Hear selections from some of the best-loved orchestral music which has become a familiar part of everyday life. Come meet the ASO and become life-long friends with music!

Compose Yourself
Grades 3-5: Next Generation Concerts

Compose Yourself!

December 11 & 12, Performances at 10:15am & 12pm (noon)
October 12, Educator Preview
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Most of the world's greatest music is inspired by stories, current events, or the personal experiences of the composers who wrote it. At this concert, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra will explore some of the interesting, heartfelt, and sometimes outrageous influences that have resulted in spectacular orchestral music. You'll gain a better understanding of great composers and classical music as well as an appreciation for how inspiration—whether fact or fiction— can lead to amazing works of art. Perhaps you will be inspired to compose, yourself!

Grades 3-5: Next Generation Concerts

Tchaikovsky Discovers America

February 11-13, Performances at 10 & 11:40am
December 7, Educator Preview
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Audiences will enjoy more than twenty-five excerpts of music written by the famous composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, including passages from his three famous ballets – The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and Swan Lake – as well as selections from the exciting 1812 Overture, First Piano Concerto, and String Serenade. The music is magically woven into the drama as two actors recreate historical incidents from the composer's life and dance story passages from his famous ballets.

Grades 6-12: Next Generation Concerts

I Have a Dream!

January 15 & 16, Performances at 10 & 11:40am
Just added by popular demand, January 17 at 10am
November 9, Educator Preview
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The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is celebrated in a rich music program that honors his life and his teachings. Dr. King believed in a better future and the "beloved community," where citizens exist in a harmonious world free from bias and discrimination. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra will perform a varied program that ties together musical selections that reinforce and celebrate Dr. King's great vision for mankind.