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Auditions for the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra

When are auditions held?

  • Audition information will be sent via email to all applicants by September 1st.
  • Applications are available online here.

Am I eligible?

In order to participate in the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra, students must:

  • Be a middle or high school student and at least 13 years old.
  • Be a member in good standing of his/her school music program, if the school has a music program.
    Note: Joint enrollment with a college or university is acceptable; however, the applicant must indicate BOTH institutions at which he/she is enrolled.
  • Pass the audition.

What is the cost to audition for and participate in ASYO?

  • Tuition for the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra is determined at the start of each season and may be paid in two installments. Financial assistance is available through the Elinor Rosenberg Breman Fellowship. The application for the Breman Fellowship will be made available to all accepted members of the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra at the start of each season.
  • There is a non-refundable application fee of $35.

How does the audition process work?

  • Once you register online and submit your $35 registration fee, you will receive audition requirements for your instrument. Audition requirements change regularly, and may include but are not limited to orchestral excerpts, a solo piece, scales, and sight-reading.
  • Audition excerpt sheet music will be mailed to the home address provided on the online application.
  • Should you choose not to audition after you have applied, please call (404) 733-4930 or email Katherine Algarra to cancel your audition. Failure to appear without notice at a scheduled audition will disqualify you for the next season. Students may re-apply in two years.

When are audition results given?

  • Audition results will be emailed and posted on the website. No audition results will be given out by phone.
  • Some auditioning students might be named as alternates and could be contacted to play with the orchestra when a need for musicians arises. This may be for one concert or for the remaining season. ASYO alternates are not required to pay tuition and do not receive the privileges of full membership unless called upon to permanently replace a current member.

Call or email Katherine Algarra, Program Assistant, Student Musicians Programs at (404) 733-4930 for more information.